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Katrina Johnston-Zimmerman, MUS

Katrina is an urban anthropologist whose work focuses on analyzing urban spaces to enhance the lives of people. The founder of THINK.urban, a research consultancy firm based in Philadelphia, she has worked with organizations including Copenhagenize, Project for Public Spaces, and City ID to bring humanist philosophy into city planning and design. She is now the project manager at the Lindy Institute for Urban Innovation at Drexel University where she coordinates public space research projects, and a guest lecturer at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden, where she lectures for the Masters in Urbanism program on qualitative research methods and ancient urban design. 

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Meegan Denenberg

Meegan Denenberg is a co-founder of Meta Global, parent company of Little Giant Creative (LGC), a Philadelphia-based marketing and branding agency. LGC is a full service creative agency that works with a variety of local and national companies and institutions to develop and execute custom brand strategies and events, and design collateral and awareness promotions. Additionally, LGC prides itself on applying the significant expertise of its diverse and dynamic staff to a variety of non-profit and social justice-related programs, including A Dream Deferred, Women Led Cities, The Institute of Hip Hop Entrepreneurship and Urban Share Junkets. Initiatives that seek transformative change in communities by fostering equitable pathways.

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Governing Board

We are pleased to be collaborating with our governing board of local women here in Philadelphia from many backgrounds in urban expertise. As a group they are relied upon for content and company strategy and to keep us on task for our local initiatives.